Planning technical equipment

Expertise in action. In every hoai phase.

From the calculation of the basics to building management: you have the choice. And we have the tools to ensure your success. From a single decon source. For all lifecycle phases of your property.

  • SG 1 Wastewater, water and gas systems
  • SG 2 Heat supply systems
  • SG 3 Room air systems
  • SG 4 HV current systems
  • SG 5 Telecommunications and information technology systems
  • SG 6 Conveyor systems
  • SG 7 Usage-specific systems, kitchen systems, media supply systems, medical and laboratory systems, fire extinguishing systems
  • SG 8 Building and system automation

Areas on work, including top references:

Exhibition halls and the car industry, railway stations and railway systems, banks and building societies, office and administration buildings, energy systems, airport buildings and systems, research and technology, shops and department stores, hotel and conference buildings, industrial and commercial buildings, hospitals and university clinics, culture and trade fair buildings, school and university buildings, transport structures and roads, residential buildings and residential homes.

Your added bonus:

Thanks to our optimal company size, ideal structure and strong references, we are an expert partner for all clients who have just one goal in mind when it comes to public tenders: to win. Here, our services are an additional success factor in the pre-qualification phase.


New residential building to Efficiency House 40 standard

New construction of residential and commercial units

New construction of a school campus