Technical due diligence

Because a bottomless pit can cost you a fortune.

Our services:

  • Examination of the files relating to the construction project, from the building approval to repeat tests, fire protection inspection, maintenance, servicing, damage events
  • Examination of the entire inspection plans for all technical systems
  • Evaluation of the test protocols of initial tests and repeated tests by experts and qualified professionals with regard to implementation and status
  • Thorough in-person inspection of the buildings, with an assessment regarding the quality of the operation and the condition of the systems in terms of technical quality and statutory building requirements
  • Production of an assessment report for buildings and systems, with extensive photographic documentation
  • Technical and environmental due diligence - summarization of the results in tabular form, including monetary assessment - with reference to trades, broken down into annual segments with cost framework

Your benefits:

  • Maximum transparency and a solid, independently produced expert report on your building
  • Safe bases for decision-making and recommendations for action by taking into account all opportunities and risks
  • Presentation of the likely cashflow for anticipated maintenance expenses and early identification of possible risks (building law, fire protection, statutory requirements, etc.)
  • Focused, clearly structured reporting with a clearly presented executive summary


Recording and evaluation of technical building services

Recording and evaluation of technical building services

Recording and evaluation of technical building services

Asset inventory and asset valuation of the technical building equipment

Evaluation of the building services