Fire protection refurbishment

Because precaution is the best fire protection.

Our services:

  • Identification and assessment of the structural and technical fire protection, taking all fire protection standards and concepts into account
  • Implementation of assessments for all technical systems with regard to suitability for approvals in accordance with the current prior art and the latest construction laws
  • Examination and assessment of all inspection documents and other documents produced throughout the “building life” period, with an evaluation of all changes and production of a catalogue of measures, with cost calculations, for each trade
  • Development of refurbishment concepts in collaboration with the inspectors for the technical trades, the fire protection inspector, the specialist planners, the building planners and the building owner
  • Planning tender, supervision, approval and documentation of fire protection measures

Your benefits:

  • Coordinated fire protection concept with an optimized solution covering structural, organization and systems
  • Assurance that all the necessary statutory and technical specifications are being upheld and fulfilled
  • Watertight legal and legally compliant documentation regarding conformity with operator obligations


Fire Protection Refurbishment

Fire protection construction program

Fire protection construction program

Fire protection construction program