Facility Management support all around

Facility management for planning and construction.

Thinking ahead. And building.

In order to achieve a cost-efficient, legally watertight and effective management and operation of your property throughout the entire lifecycle, the preconditions for your long-term building success are already met in our decon building expertise centers right from the start during the planning and construction phase. So that one gravel stone doesn’t suddenly create a mountain of problems. With the help of our facility management measures for planning and construction, which offer an excellent alternative to the ever-increasing property operation and maintenance costs: from contributions for strategic building goals to support for your construction management and supervision through to the efficient use and maintenance of systems later on.

Our services:

  • We optimize processes: using building, organizational and systems technology solutions taking operating processes into account
  • We help achieve: the smooth transition from the project phase to the building phase - without fracture lines or data losses
  • We guarantee efficiency: the operation management and building operation is achieved to a high quality standard and with maximum cost efficiency. Here, savings potential when it comes to operating costs is identified during the planning phases, and the costs for the entire usage duration of the building are reduced.
  • We offer support: in abiding by the processes for later operation that have been defined by you during the planning phases, the technical and content-related assessment of decision proposals and when making recommendations for changes and optimization for maximum operating efficiency
  • We provide security: in the form of certification regarding compliance with all operator obligations according to the operation security directive and the damage prevention specifications issued by Schadenverhütung GmbH (VdS), including the documentation required for this purpose.

Complex site development/ construction site clearance.

A focused solution to all challenges. Even in special cases.

In order to live up to our holistic approach in principle and practice, as well as facility management, we also offer special services in addition to standard solutions. These depend on the individual project and your needs.

An overview of our special services

  • Construction site clearance
  • Site separation and connection
  • Municipal connection
  • Rainwater and service water usage systems
  • Land use planning
  • Media connections:
    • Wastewater and rainwater
    • Water supply and distribution systems
    • Gas supply (medium- and high-pressure networks)
    • District heating pipes
    • HV and LV current media

Facility management consulting/ operator concept/ operation management concept

From actual to desired state. With added value.

Our services:

  • Analysis of operation management/ operation organization
  • Analysis of fundamental basics, process models and organization development for efficient operation that meets usage requirements
  • Creation of data transparency of the building and service data, with evaluation and analysis
  • Assessment on the basis of the resources used as to how own or external services can be used
  • Analysis of key management cost figures as a basis for further corporate and investment decisions

Your benefits:

  • Long term maintenance/ increase of asset values (building substance, systems, facilities)
  • Reduction in building and service costs through efficient use of resources
  • Creation of incentives for efficient behavior among users through billing based on usage levels
  • Avoidance of unforeseen/ unplanned costs through forward-looking planning
  • Contribution to an increase in work productivity and support for core corporate processes
  • Support for well-grounded corporate decisions through the creation of transparency and provision of data

Facility management tenders

You can count on us. And win.

Our services:

  • Determination and description of all relevant structural and technical systems and building components needed for operation, including integration of all necessary service parameters
  • Assignment of systems according to categories of rental or allocation code
  • Categorization of these systems according to maintenance, inspection, functional and safety technology factors
  • Presentation of the activities required for maintenance and operation
  • Classification of the systems according to the reaction, turn-off and remedy periods developed with the users
  • Presentation of area and usage balance sheets for cleaning and the upkeep of external systems
  • Determination of cleaning intervals, service level and activities required for internal and external cleaning
  • Definition of other fields of activity (catering, security, waste disposal, caretaker services, etc.)

Your benefits:

  • Professional tender process leads to lower costs and cost and service transparency
  • Increase in service quality, optimization of usage conditions and securing of operator responsibility
  • Defined and agreed operation quality standards for sustainable cost reduction
  • Improvement of establishment and process organization procedures for building operation

Facility management and maintenance management

As little as necessary. As efficient as possible.

Our services:

  • Process analysis of existing content, procedures and activities of the internal/ external staff and service providers involved with regard to maintenance measures
  • Inspection and evaluation of the existing service contracts or activities of the technical operation by own staff
  • Implementation of energy inspections for ventilation and air conditioning systems
  • Production of service directories, including tender awards and controlling for servicing, maintenance and/ or complex technical operation
  • Development of technical operation concepts and servicing and maintenance plans

Your benefits:

  • Cost security and transparency for maintenance work
  • Targeted, standardized maintenance measures, and only those that are really necessary
  • The greatest possible compliance with the statutory operator responsibility
  • Clear areas of responsibility with regard to the activities required for internal and external operation
  • Creation of secure, clear and transparent maintenance procedures
  • Extension of lifespan and extension of smooth functioning of the technical systems
  • Increase in energy efficiency during operation of technical systems


Operation management concept incl. management of documentation

Operations management concept

Operation management concept incl. management of documentation

Operation management concept incl. management of documentation