Professional development to become a BIM Konstrukteur/Koordinator (2)

Image source: Sächsische Aufbaubank - Förderbank - (SAB)

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BIM Construction and Coordination & BIM Management

Brief Description BIM Construction and Coordination:

This hands-on training to become a BIM designer/coordinator teaches fundamental concepts, benefits and procedures of Building Information Modeling (BIM):

  • Design construction projects much more productively using a virtual building model
  • Merging Revit Master and BIM knowledge into the BIM process
  • Providing the basic knowledge to plan, manage, develop and formulate BIM strategies for a BIM project
  • Provide basic knowledge of leading international initiatives, key technologies, standards, and ways of working for BIM

Brief Description BIM Management:

This hands-on BIM Manager training provides fundamental concepts, benefits, and practices of Building Information Modeling (BIM):

  • Establishing a common foundation for BIM technologies, communications, requirements and responsibilities.
  • Understanding and developing implementation parameters, necessary processes for implementation, and for technologies, resources, training, and documentation
  • Roles & responsibilities of BIM managers
  • CAD - & BIM -standards, management of the digital environment


  • 08.10.2019 - 08.01.2020


  • Sächsische Aufbaubank (ESF - European Social Fund).
  • education check - company