Professional development to become a specialist planner for building fire protection (EIPOS)

Image source: Sächsische Aufbaubank - Förderbank - (SAB)

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Specialist Planner for Building Fire Protection (EIPOS)

Brief description:

  • The task of the specialist planner for building-technical fire protection is to couple technical fire protection measures sensibly with structural measures within the framework of a holistic fire protection concept and to prevent problems during structural implementation. In the context of the specialized advanced training specialized knowledge in the preventive structural fire protection and in the fire protection-technical planning of building and safety engineering is obtained in application-oriented seminars.
  • Special emphasis is placed on the planning and execution of piping and ventilation systems.


  • 15.04.2021 - 01.10.2021 (part-time)


  • Sächsische Aufbaubank (ESF - European Social Fund) education check - in-company