Energy optimization/ refurbishment

Anything else is a waste of time.

Our services:

  • Energy assessment and analysis of the structural and technical status of non-residential buildings
  • Development of energy savings concepts, including planning and monitoring of all measures required
  • Feasibility studies, efficiency analyses, planning and implementation related to the use of regenerative energies and cogeneration plants
  • Analysis of the existing media supply contracts, creation of relevant energy key figures and derivation of measures. If necessary, new tenders (including bundle tenders) or re-negotiation with the electricity and energy suppliers
  • Controlling and monitoring of energy consumption data at a wide range of different levels
  • Determination of the energy requirement for non-residential buildings through balancing on the basis of the current EnEV (Renewable Energy Directive) / DIN (German Industrial Norm) V 18599 / GEG (Building Energy Act) standards

Your benefits:

  • Precise estimate of the actual energy status of buildings
  • Staggering of the implementation of non-investive and investive energy savings measures according to priority and efficiency
  • Overview of all relevant energy key figures and analysis of specific use as the basis for introducing targeted energy savings measures
  • The creation of opportunities to improve the overall energy balance, including use of possible support funds
  • The best possible contract conditions for media supply through targeted energy controlling
  • Rapid response to above-average consumption values

Energy concepts:

Energy-efficient building and refurbishment is one of the key pillars of future-oriented and therefore sustainable buildings. Coherent, meaningful energy concepts that are tailored to each individual construction project must therefore be drawn up right from the start, taking into account the interaction between building physics and building technology, as well as a wide range of user requirements. Energy concepts influence investment and operating costs in just the same way as emissions and the environmental impact of a building. The development of energy concepts in early planning phases is a fundamental prerequisite for sustainable buildings, and due to the complex interrelationships involved, it cannot be applied in a standardized format to different building types.


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